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Adventure Croquet

Origin and concept

Game accidentally invented by Nemo at Nerissa's 30th birthday. It's casual fun only and not to be taken too seriously (this does not preclude it being a potential sport for future Olympics)

Adventure Croquet simplifies croquet down to "A race through hoops to the end", but complicates it by allowing for an obstacle ridden course (hoops next to trees, paths through picnic furniture, etc)


Take your croquet hoops and arrange them in any fashion in the play area, be it a park, hiking trail, front-and-back lawn of your house, neighbours lawns, etc. There is no limit to total size, but practical limit is that all parts of the area are within earshot of each other. Also, one peg to indicate the finish.

The hoops have a specific order to play, and a specific direction per hoop.

Actually playing

Players take turns hitting their ball to the next hoop. If it goes through, they get an extra hit.

Other croquet rules are optional.

Winner is the first to the peg.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro: Simple to learn
  • Pro: every course is dynamically different* Con: Some courses simply suck* Con: If one player gets particularly stuck on a hoop on a large course, the game players can end up widely spread out.

Advanced Adventure Croquet

This form of the game adds elements of "golf croquet" (of which Nemo was unaware of at the time).

Setup is identical, but instead of a race to the end, every hoop is played twice, either as "there and back again", or "circuit, twice".

The first time through every hoop is the same as regular Adventure Croquet.

The second time through (return path, or second lap) adds the following:

  • Whenever a player's ball passes through a hoop, they now have two options:
  1. Take the extra hit
  2. Claim the hoop

If the hoop is claimed, then they forfeit a second hit, and any players following no longer have to achieve that hoop.

This now gives two winning modes:

  1. Win the race (same as regular adventure croquet)
  2. Win on points (most hoops)
  • The player in last place through a hoop gets both hoop AND a second hit.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro: the further behind you are, the more likely hoops are claimed and thus allow you to catch up. This helps to keeps the group of players together
  • Pro: tactics
  • Con: longer (every hoop twice)
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