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Aperiodic Monotile, aka "an einstein"

They are a thing.

This page is for exploring game design potential of these, not entirely unlike the NontransitiveDice page.

Facebook thread discussing aperiodic monotile and game potential here: https://www.facebook.com/nemothorx/posts/pfbid02RHiargFBZV36F9VMrLvP2hFpjvrbqT6AB2PjYW8LhYKsiE5rMiAdp8hKWwMBbz8Ql

from that thread:

<Darryl> It definitely has possibilities for gaming! Looking at it as a possible Catan variant, just to begin with: each corner (town location) borders 2, 3 or 4 tiles, and each tile has a border of 13 line segments (road locations) which come in two sizes, unless I have miscounted 6 small and 7 large. I think for simplicity each could be treated as 1/2 a road, meaning a 6.5 road circumference. Issue each player twice the standard number of road pieces, in the 6:7 ratio. Or just use small ones and play as though they stretched from end to end of large edges. Probably close enough to use the rest of the Catan rules unmodified and see how it plays out.

<nemo> I've not played catan in many years, but using corners and edges like that is a direction I'd not thought.

I was thinking of filling the tiles with content and leaning into tantrix or tsuro style building a map - possibly with some benefit/penalty for creating unfillable holes in the map (something to consider for a catan style game, since that creates corners=towns with only 1 tile bordering it)

<nemo> I was thinking much the same as treating them as lakes (or if there are two distinct types of holes - as the above diagram seems to imply, there could be lakes and rivers with different attributes. equal-spaced hold seems a reasonable intuition, yeah. An whatever mis-placement creates the hole, needs an inverse misplacement (or series of) to undo it. The question becomes whether it's a good idea or not. For a catan style game, it feels like there could be benefit to a different type of terrain this way. or for a tantrix type game, dominating a hole by having the most of it's edge (by piece count or length) could even be the whole point of the game. In a tsuro style game, could go either way - a hole could be a winning condition, or forcing opponent into one could be their losing condition. Or even just be a rest "no parking" type spot from which you move on again...

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