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aka "Monopoly 2012" - after the 2012 end-of-the-world meme

Capitalism was merely the FIRST disaster...

Basic game idea is Monopoly (providing the framework), but natural disasters occur occasionally, which may kill you. Winner is the last survivor.

Motivation to build houses is no longer about capitalism, but about building shelters for future calamity.

Disasters are triggered when a player rolls a double. Instead of player movement, disaster hits...

The six possible disasters with escalating range of impact are:

Disaster Triggered by Impact range Extra notes
Bushfire Double 1 Current square
Flood Double 2 Current colour group Railways and utilities are considered groups for this
Tornado Double 3 Current colour group (or square if railway/utility) and neighbouring colour groups Railways and utilities are not considered separate groups, but are considered properties, so any within the outer boundaries of calamity are affected.
Earthquake Double 4 Current side of board (including corners) No escape roll, shelter surviving is inverted. Roll a third D6 after triggered earthquake to check for tsunami
Tsunami '4' after an Earthquake Whole opposite side of board (including corners) Occurs only after an earthquake, after an additional roll
Volcano Double 5 Current and neighbouring sides of the board (including corners) Just two sides if you're on a corner
Cyclone Double 6 Whole board


So, when you roll a double the related disaster strikes...

For every player in the affected range, in turn they (only if it's not an earthquake)

  • roll one D6 - the result is the maximum squares the player can flee (either direction) to get outside the disaster area, or to a chance of safety (clear space for quakes, in a house/hotel otherwise)
  • Remember, the dice result is the maximum, not required. Player always has option to remain where they are.
  • Players "in" jail are considered to be released at time of disaster announcement, so have equal chance to escape as a player who was "just visiting"

After each player has attempted to flee, then the player damage is checked

  • Any player still in the disaster area, but not in a house, is killed.
    • Except for earthquakes, where safety is being on a square without a house. Non-property squares are allowed, so should be easy to flee an earthquake)

Next, property damage is checked.

  • For each house individually in the affected zone; roll a normal D6. If the roll matches the disaster level, the house is destroyed. Eg, in a bushfire, each house survives by not rolling a '1'. In a cyclone, survive by not rolling a 6. (thus: every house in the disaster zone has a 1/6 chance of being destroyed).
  • If a house is destroyed, any players within roll another survival flee check - if they can make it to another house, they survive. Otherwise they have died.
    • For properties with multiple houses, a property damage roll occurs per house. Player survives if any of the houses survive.
  • If a house survives, any players within pay normal rent, then continue their turn


  • The player whose roll it was (who rolled the disaster-trigger), rolls for their normal move.
    • If they roll double again, then repeat the disaster scenarios. There is no penalty for unlimited repeated disaster rolls. Play moves to the next player when the current player successfully makes a non-disaster move.

This game requires that it be easier to build houses. Thus: you can start building as soon as you own a property (no requirement to own whole group), but the colourgroup must still be built up in a balanced manner. (this adopted from MonopoZombie

Dead players remain minimally active by haunting the square they died on. They roll dice on their normal turn not to move, but in an attempt to trigger a natural disaster in that location.

Last person alive wins.

Unanswered questions

  • Actions when a player is not on a property square.
    • Active player who rolls a double - what is the disaster scope then?
    • Inactive player who might be affected by a double (eg, player on a Chance when earthquake hits that side of the board due to another player)
  • bankruptcy
  • ownership of properties once a player dies
  • any special status of the corner squares?
  • a hedge against immediate disasters (ie, before any shelters can be built?). Possible solution: no disasters possible till at least one player makes it around the board once.



  • 2018 March - initial writeup from FB thread.
  • 2018 March 17 - initial playtest. First game fast. Second game introduce 'house destroy = injured player (next turn = one die)', but this resulted in no deaths and it became Monopoly. Game abandoned. We also tweaked the flee rule to be 1-6, not 0-5
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