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Some analysis

Some plans for future analysis

Board health

Ideas to measure board health

  • "simple board fill" - Count of positions on the board that are used. This is extremely simple and is already in the analysis
  • "modified board fill" - count columns that have holes in them, and use that as modifying factor to the simple board fill. The height of those columns (or of highest?) should be a factor too
  • "board age" - for each used position, track how long (age in pieces spawned) it has been on the board. Health is then the sum of ages. Lower = healthier
    • A low board will have a higher turnover of pieces and better health. A high board will have low rows that are stuck for a long time - as they age the health will decrease, indicating we are high and possibly stuck there...
    • however, it's still not an objective absolute, as two identical boards may register different health

Sociopolitical analysis

The game can be examined as a microcosm of human democratic/communication behaviour!

I wrote some notes about this at one point. There have been many tweets too.

my Terminology

(note: this is what I endeavour to use, and while I encourage others to use, it is in no way formal or endorsed. Most of it is what is commonly used already)

  • board: play area (7x11 squares)
  • column: a vertical sequence on the board from top to bottom (11 spots)
  • line/row: a horizontal sequence on the board from left to right (7 spots)
  • clear - to clear some rows
  • single/double/triple: to clear 1/2/3 line(s)
  • tetra/quad/tetris: to clear 4 lines
  • collective/hive/electorate/crowd: everyone who votes
  • hole (1): an unfilled space that is surrounded
  • overhang/half-hole: an unfilled spare that is covered at top, but open to the side
    • some overhangs can be underfilled by a side slide. But not all
  • clean - board without holes. as in "the board is clean" and "this is a clean drop"
    • question: is a half-hole a clean board?
  • dirty - opposite of clean: a board with a hole. "the board is dirty". "this is a dirty drop"
  • well/hole (2): a space perfectly suited for a single piece. Usually I-hole, sometimes J or L-hole.
  • silhouette/skyline: the shape of the top surface
  • empty board: nothing on the board. a perfectly flat skyline, as per the start of a game.
    • I prefer 'empty' to avoid possible ambiguity with clear or clean, however this is where my usage diverges most from the electorate

Rhyming game tips

  • "less than four? build up more"
  • "make a column only if it's to the bottom"
    • on the side build a column, but only if it's to the bottom
    • note: uses non-standard use of "column". Should find a tip to call it a well
  • "more than five? clear some lines to stay alive"
  • I thought of "1+1<2" which is great for sentiment and brevity, but they only people it would be clear to are the power players who know it anyway

Game history

Note: my timezone is UTC+10 and my dates reflect that. I hope to direct link to tweets sufficient that they can be used for exact time lookups if needed


Game Theme Startdate Enddate/tweet Score Notes
1 Fruit 16th April 28th April 8375 Board style changed on 19th
2 Animal 28th April 6th May 6800
3 Book https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/993113827012067328 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/994357079010820096 2200
4 Aquatic https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/994362053350440963 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/995076762265513984 900
5 Heart https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/995081795417731076 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1000718962777251840 13850
6 Clothing https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1000723971631824896 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1013196199023632384 41275 Bug caused in-game delay
7 Plant https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1013201190937509889 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1014519943734284288 3675
8 Fruit https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1014524911212085248 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1018828267191656448 13725
9 Heart https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1018833301782519808 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1027163207801102336 26650
10 Animal https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1027168220044656640 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1033726405027160064 20075 Game paused for 24h on 2018-08-14
11 Aquatic https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1033731377408049152 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1037264656224538624 11925
12 xxx https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1037269689884336130 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1039388862739410944 6300
13 xxx https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1039393759408975873 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1040792980108369920 3950
14 xxx https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1040798013411614720 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1042091576137113600 3225
15 Clothing https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra/status/1042096572706635776 https://twitter.com/EmojiTetra 79225 (current ongoing game)

Board styles

  1. From poll #1 (16 April 2018): score in blocks, then unicode SOON, then linedrawing to illustrate NEXT piece
  2. From poll #211 (19 April): unicode SOON replaced with unicode F-FWD
  3. From poll #2663 (22 May): Literal "Next", then braille indicator of next piece. Then literal "Score" in and score in plain text
  4. From poll 3718 (5 June): "Next" and score moved to right of board. Next illustrated with emoji same as board
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