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Some analysis

Some plans for future analysis

Board health

Ideas to measure board health

  • simple board fill - Count of positions on the board that are used. This is extremely simple and is already in the analysis
  • modified board fill - count columns that have holes in them, and use that as modifying factor to the simple board fill. The height of those columns (or of highest?) should be a factor too
  • board age - for each used position, track how long (age in pieces spawned) it has been on the board. Health is then the sum of ages. Lower = healthier
    • A low board will have a higher turnover of pieces and better health. A high board will have low rows that are stuck for a long time - as they age the health will decrease, indicating we are high and possibly stuck there...
    • however, it's still not an objective absolute, as two identical boards may register different health
    • discussion in this thread: https://twitter.com/Caber_nl/status/1065174652060909570
  • weighted board fill - count occupied positions in columns. The unhealth of a piece is valued according to how difficult it is to get to. Basically, the more buried a piece is, the higher it scores. Buried holes need to be handled in some form (they are bad), and deep open wells need to be handled (they are good)
    • possible implementation: every occupied position is a point. Those that are on an equal row or higher than the lowest accessible open spot have no further weighting, however each occupied position below that row gets an additional +1 for each row further down. Each unoccupied position (hole!) gets an additional +1.
    • Should it handle horizontal holes (ie don't count quite as strongly because once uncovered, they'll be easier to fill and move on?)

Sociopolitical analysis

The game can be examined as a microcosm of human democratic/communication behaviour!

I wrote some notes about this at one point. There have been many tweets too.

Rhyming game tips

(refer also to My Terminology below)

  • "less than four? build up more"
  • "make a column only if it's to the bottom"
    • on the side build a column, but only if it's to the bottom
    • note: uses non-standard use of "column". Should find a tip to call it a well
  • "more than five? clear some lines to stay alive"
  • "1+1<2" - this is great for sentiment and brevity, but the only people it would be clear to are the power players who know it anyway!

Game Table

Game Theme Start date/tweet End date/tweet Score Notes
1 Fruit 16th April 28th April 8375 Board style changed on 19th. First game naturally topped the high score table.
2 Animal 28th April 6th May 6800
3 Book 6th May 10th May 2200
4 Aquatic 10th May 12th May 900 Lowest score
5 Heart 12th May 27th May 13850 New high score
6 Clothing 27th May 1st July 41275 Bug caused in-game delay at GAMEOVER screen (how long?). New high score
7 Plant 1st July 5th July 3675
8 Fruit 5th July 16th July 13725
9 Heart 16th July 8th August 26650
10 Animal 8th August 27th August 20075 Game paused for 24h on 2018-08-14
11 Aquatic 27th August 5th September 11925
12 Book 5th September 11th September 6300
13 Plant 11th September 15th September 3950
14 Heart 15th September 19th September 3225
15 Clothing 19th September @EmojiTetra 87850+ (current ongoing game). Altered to a Halloween theme over Halloween. New high score

Note: my timezone is UTC+10 and my dates reflect that. I hope to direct link to tweets sufficient that they can be used for exact time lookups if needed

Board styles

  1. From poll #1 (16 April 2018): score in blocks, then unicode SOON, then linedrawing to illustrate NEXT piece
  2. From poll #211 (19 April): unicode SOON replaced with unicode F-FWD
  3. From poll #2663 (22 May): Literal "Next", then braille indicator of next piece. Then literal "Score" in and score in plain text
  4. From poll #3718 (5 June): "Next" and score moved to right of board. Next illustrated with emoji same as board

My Terminology

(note: this is what I endeavour to use, and while I encourage others to use, it is in no way formal or endorsed. Most of it is what is commonly used already)

  • board: play area (7x11 squares)
  • column: a vertical sequence on the board from top to bottom (11 spots)
  • line/row: a horizontal sequence on the board from left to right (7 spots)
  • clear - to clear some rows
  • single/double/triple: to clear 1/2/3 line(s)
  • tetra/quad/tetris: to clear 4 lines
  • collective/hive/electorate/crowd: everyone who votes
  • hole (1): an unfilled space that is surrounded
  • overhang/half-hole: an unfilled spare that is covered at top, but open to the side
    • some overhangs can be underfilled by a side slide. But not all
  • clean - board without holes. as in "the board is clean" and "this is a clean drop"
    • question: is a half-hole a clean board?
  • dirty - opposite of clean: a board with a hole. "the board is dirty". "this is a dirty drop"
  • well/hole (2): a space perfectly suited for a single piece. Usually I-hole, sometimes J or L-hole.
  • silhouette/skyline: the shape of the top surface
  • empty board: nothing on the board. a perfectly flat skyline, as per the start of a game.
    • I prefer 'empty' to avoid possible ambiguity with clear or clean, however this is where my usage diverges most from the electorate
  • fossilised - to refer to how long a row has remained unchanged




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