Global Thermonuclear War

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A pen-and-paper game designed to be played with no additional resources.


Each player represents a nation involved in nuclear warfare with all other players. Each player has 10 cities, with one designated as a capital, and is eliminated when all their cities are eliminated. Winner is the last surviving player.


  • At the start of each turn, each player can build one attack (bomb+missile) OR one defence per city, with the capital capable of building one additional of either. They then allocate defences to specific cities, whilst attacks are part of an unspecified pool (missile silos aren't cities)
  • In the middle of each turn, each player announces where their missiles are attacking (specifing how many missiled to which city for which enemy they are attacking). There is no requirement that all missiles be launched (they can be hoarded)
  • At the end of each turn, all missiles conceptually launch simultaneously, with each missile destroying a single defence - or if there are no defences on the target city, destroying the city. Each player need only announce which cities survived or were destroyed, but need not provide any additional information (as that would reveal their own defensive strategies)

Conceptually each turn occurs simultaneously, but in practice will be done sequentially around players, and the middle and end steps of each turn can be combined.


  • Originally created by Pauline, Evan and others to pass the time whilst waiting in the queue for Episode I.

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