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  • Baseball is the primary "stick and ball" game in the USA, and has existed in it's modern form (with only minor variations in rules) since 1901.
  • Cricket is the primary "stick and ball" game in Australia, and exists in three major forms: Test (since 1877), One Day (since 1971), and Twenty20 (aka T20) (since 2005). These are the three forms of Cricket that are played at an international level (dates above are for first international matches. However the rest of this article will focus on T20 at a domestic level.
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) is the premier Baseball league in the USA, garnering approximately 30,000 spectators per match.
  • Big Bash League (BBL) is the premier Twenty20 Cricket competition within Australia, garnering approximately 30,000 spectators per match.

Here are some deeper statistical comparisons of the sports and leagues - in the context of their countries. Trying to be objective.

  • MLB has been running since 1903 (counting as the year of the first "World Series"), whilst BBL is much newer - it's first year was 2011-12 (replacing the previous "Big Bash" which ran for 6 years, from the 2005-06 to 2010-11 seasons)

Comparing 2015 MLB, with 2015-016 BBL.

MLB 2015 BBL 2015-16
Season 5 April 2015 - 2 Nov 2015 (211 days) 17 Dec 2015 - 24 Jan 2016 (38 days)
Teams 30 (split into 2 leagues of 15 teams, each league is further split into 3 divisions. Note that there are subtle rule differences between leagues!) 8
season Games 2430 games (162 per team) plus any tiebreaking games. Games unable to be played will usually be made up later in the season. Rarely abandoned. 32 (split into 8 rounds of 4 games each). Games unable to be played are abandoned.
Postseason/Finals one "wild card" game (per league), then two "Division Series" per league (best/5). Then a "Championship Series" per league (best/7). Then "World Series" between the pennant winners from each league (best/7). Thus, the postseason could be as little as 26, or as many as 43 games. 2015 had 36 games. 3 games: two semi-finals, one final.
Runs 20647 10061
Outs ~131220 (by definition an innings is 6 outs, a game is 9 innings = 54 outs/game, though games can end early, OR extend later). 37446 (only strikeouts) 377

Australia has a population of 23.97 million, whilst the USA has a population of 322.85 million (both figures are predictions from the relevant census/stats "population clocks" as of 18 Jan 2016). This means the USA has a population that is 13.47x that of Australia.

There are 75.9x as many MLB games as there are BBL games through the regular season, and between 8.67x and 14.33x as many post-season games.

In those ~76x as many MLB games, there were ~2x as many runs, and ~350x as many outs. Thus the average MLB game thus has 8 or 9 runs and 54 outs, whilst the average BBL game has 314 runs, and 11 or 12 outs.

Or, by comparisons per average game: MLB averages ~4.5x as many outs, and BBL averages ~37x as many runs.

MLB plays at a rate of over 11 games per day, whilst BBL plays at approx 0.85 games per day

I note that it is completely possible for the casual BBL fan to watch every game. It is technically possible, but completely impractical and implausible for any human to watch every MLB game.

Despite this, the average MLB game garners just over 30,000 attendees, whilst BBL in 2015-16 reached similar levels for the first time.

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