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This page is a place to put nifty slogans that you may (or may not) want to see on a tshirt, poster, badge or so forth.

One Liners

Ideal for badges

  • People are animals too
  • Apostrophe Criminal's Alphabet: abcdefghijklmnopqr'stuvwxyz
  • Apple Alphabet: abcdefghi™jklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    • not original to me, I think I may have seen this on a Tshirt already?
  • The end is extremely fucking nigh
    • from 28 Days Later (quote on a wall)
  • Lab Experiment
  • from spam subject line:
    • If you act crazy all your life, they'll never be able to commit you
    • I am not fat... I prefer to think of myself as subcutaneously gifted
  • "me! I'm an exception"

Cookie Monster + Death Metal = C is for cookie AND YOU CAN BURN IN HELL!

Olivia S
  • from webcomic 1/0
    • 124 (paraphrased): "And I shall rule with ... A FIST OF CHEESE!"
    • 165: "You're ranting like a supervillian. What you're doing must be wrong"
    • 195: "Your memories are wrong, and the universe is inherently nonsensical."
    • 266: "What is man, but a fiction of God?"
    • 496: "Vagueness. Enemy of all those who seek to.... y'know. Stuff." (author commentary)
    • 627: "I am not a punchline"
    • 648: "Faux-intellectual"
    • 737: "Omnipotence means never having to roll for things"
    • 914: "Life as we know it would crumble if people stopped doing pointless things"
    • 965: "Everyone likes to speak for the masses. No one likes to be a part of them." (author commentary)
    • 985: "shoulnd't, shmouldn't"
    • 1000: "there is no non-creepy way to exit a plane of reality"
  • "when life deals you zombies, make a disaster movie"
  • a couple from larry
    • Go Lemmings Go (set font to descend down a cliff, starting about the 'g' of lemmings)
  • zombies love you for your brains, not your looks -- paraphrasing from a webforum, thanks to Nerissa
  • man, if nobody thinks you're mad you're really in trouble. -- Jason G
  • "it's not that I look young. It's everyone else who looks OLD" - for those lucky peopole with youthful appearances.
  • Official Audience Member
  • Person of Interest (maybe with subtext: "I am officially interesting")
  • You should put a bag over your personality (derived from War Games - The Dead Code)
  • There can be only one 'i' in 'megalomaniac'. --
  • Ultimate Red Alert (from (new) Doctor Who - end season 4)
  • When I was your age, I wasn't a crotchety old fool
  • ...I decided I need a badge that says "making the world a better place, one apostrophe at a time" --Nerissa
  • "is that art, or can it go?" - from Mr oCean who saw it on fridge magnets in germany
    • perhaps with an icon of cliche art (mona lisa or venus de milo) in a trash can :)

♥ أنا

This translates to "I ♥ New York" in arabic.
Translation by Google translate.
(edit: unsurprisingly, been done:
  • I suffer from pedanticism --for Nerissa
  • "لا غير قراء العربية تحمل هذا الشعار هو ضد الحضارة الغربية؟" - "Do non-arabic readers assume this is an anti western slogan?" (Political statement from Nemo) Translation from Google.
  • You're currently going through a difficult transition period called "Life." -- from /usr/games/fortune
  • "Censored is a dirty word"
  • "I hate pornography ... I haven't even got a pornograph!" -- 'Angry of Mayfair'. - see wikipedia:Kenny_Everett#Quotations_and_catchphrases
  • "Where zombies come from: When mummy and daddy are loving each other's brains, usually raw." - Nerissa
  • Crackpot Xing - - (23:18:49) Nerissa: we could put it outside the Scientologist's centre
  • "bling's shit" - written in diamontes on a black tight tshirt...
  • 'wrong' is one of those concepts that depends on witnesses -

(23:02:46) nemo: can I put "support the war on ephemera" on a tshirt?
(23:02:58) Terri Warner: Definitely!
(23:03:19) Terri Warner: If only to find out how many people ask you where ephemera is...
(23:03:31) Terri Warner: Is it, like, near Greece?

  • Nothing really metas
  • quotes like this shouldn't be on tshirts
  • Mispen: write wrongly
  • "if god hadn't meant them to be eaten, He woulnd't have called them MEALworms"
  • "if god hadn't intended me to wear tshirts with stuff on them, He woulnd't have made them funny"
  • I (x2+y2-1)3-x2y3=0 U
  • Fuck off and Hug. (in either rainbow flowers style, or angry metal style. which?)

T shirts / Signs / Posters

 <Screwtape> Thinking good! Slogans bad!
 <nemo> can I put that on a tshirt?
 <Screwtape> Sure.
 <nemo> Deal. I'll give you credit.
 <Screwtape> :))))

* From IRC (#afda), August 2004
  • Disclaimer: My wearing of this tshirt slogan does not imply an endorsement of western industrialised economic practices
  • The teddy bears from here:

(a microsoft patent)

  • Scientists: Creating our future so they can destroy it too! [add picture of zombies and/or nukes, etc]
  • Picture: blank
Demotivational not found
Motivational gullibility.jpg
  • Image: Albert Einstein's in a birdcage. Caption: "Nobody appreciates my genius"
  • Image: Eye in a pyramid. Caption: CAUTION. Do not build your pyramid using eyeballs. To do so may cause structural failure of your polygon.
  • Image: as if a begger holding a cardboard sign: "Will wrap my arms around you for hugs"
  • I Craftian adventures
    • With a cthulhu plushie picture. Maybe without the "I" ?
    • or even just "I Craft" with the plushy...
  • A calculator-like device with the LCD font text showing "A suffusion of yellow"


Note that many of the Tshirt ideas can be badges with little or no variation

  • Picture: Marvin (from HHG)
Life, don't talk to me about life.
Demotivation is our goal.

Govt Agencies make Conspiracies
...that's not a paranoid theory...
that's their job description

  • Being weird isn't enough (as seen in the intro sequence to 'Pump up the Volume')
  • Picture: PBF Guntron
Not always in your best interest
You're expendible.
  • "not g33k" or "I /= geek" (or maybe "!geek", but that's probably too geeky ;)
    • a geeky font/colourscheme (green courier/terminal font on black?)
  • "evil incarnate" (idea)
    • In my original email I stated: (I think two versions of this could be done. One in a super-cliche gothic font, red on black, etc... and one in a bright pastel coloured flowery font, all hippy looking! ;) Whatchya reckon?
  • This set from Nerissa, originally Tshirt ideas
    • Genetic experiment.
    • Blood and bone.
    • Caution - genetic testing in progress.
    • Sorry, I'm not *that* drunk.
    • You look better from a distance.
    • Try again in four drinks.


High testosterone area
Do not throw panties

  • From the ruminations list
> > There are very few things that can not
> > be improved by the addition of a bayonet.
> > Heck, it even works with another bayonet!
> >
> > (James Knowles)

> > Just because it's catchy doesn't mean
> > it's good, and just because it's stuck
> > in my head doesn't mean I like it.
> >
> > (Daniel Pagan Connell)
  • Three shirts with a Toyota Sera on it: Tri-Sera Tops.
> "I'm an optimist.
> I only think SOME stuff is fail"
-- Nemo
> Some of the stuff is always fail, all of the stuff is sometimes fail, but all of the stuff isn’t always fail
-- Terri in response
"You have the right to remain silent. Why don't you try it for a while" (from Altered Carbon)

> Hi Fun Kou Gai
> This Japanese term is a kind of righteous, miserable anger, a frustration
> and despair over a situation that seems terrible but cannot be changed.
> Like corruption in a government, or a friend's bad treatment.
> Sample Sentence: "Oh, god, listening to old white dudes arguing about women's rights just fills me with Hi Fun Kou Gai."

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