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Songs that Saved

The following is a transcription (from google cache) of a BBC6 article from their own poll. Transcribed here since the BBC article is no longer findable on their site, and will no doubt soon dissapear from googlecache too.

Maudlin Mancunians The Smiths have topped BBC 6 Music's poll of Songs That Saved Your Life, but were strangely given a run for their money by cheery pop punk act Bowling For Soup.

As part of our campaign about mental health and music, 6 Music listeners nominated the song that meant most to them in their time of need. The Smiths have confirmed their well established place in the history books as a band that have a tremendous emotional pull, especially with the track I Know Its Over from their album The Queen Is Dead. Comments from listeners nominating the band include:

"The only music that can make laugh one day and cry another."

"That song is like a giant pair of arms coming out of the speakers to hug me."

"That song has saved my life on many occasions. Incredibly sad, but uplifting. Very cathartic.”

While the number one song might not cause any surprises, Morrissey & co. are closely followed in the poll by Texan punk popsters Bowling for Soup and Girl All The Bad Guys Want' - a track that couldn't be in greater contrast. 6 Music Programme Editor John Sugar says: "It just goes to show tracks don’t have to be slow and miserable for people to relate to. Often a cheery, upbeat track can leave you dancing round the living room and feeling much, much better".

Listeners nominating the song agree:

"It always makes me happy when I've been down- I played again and again after I had surgery and was down about it."

"Listening to them helped me through bereavement. All their music is very uplifting."

"Their music helped me be happy again and restart my life."

The Full Top 20

1. The Smiths - I Know it's Over 17.55%
2. Bowling For Soup - Girl all the Bad Guys Want 12.68%
3. REM - Everybody Hurts 10.41%
4. The Cure - Pictures of You 10.06%
5. Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees 9.08%
6. Joy Division - Love Will Tear us apart 8.19%
7. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb 5.85%
8. Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up 4.06%
9. Blur - This is a Low 3.43%
10= The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
& Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge 2.49%
12. Tori Amos - China 2.27%
13. Portishead - Glory Box 2.24%
14. Al Green - Tired of Being Alone 1.79%
15. Mercury Rev - The Dark is Rising 1.65%
16. Lou Reed - Pale Blue Eyes 1.58%
17. Spiritualized - Stop Your Crying 1.3%
18. The Darkness - I Believe in a thing Called Love 1.05%
19. Faithless - Insomnia -1.02%
20. Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day 0.81%

(the above copied from Google cache. Content also found at this URL with broken link to original )

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