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The Thorx policy is: share ideas.

Do not contribute unless you are comfortable with others reading your ideas.

Most people do not make a distinction between personal information (about you), and private information (to be kept secret). Thorx does, but doesn't consider them congruent. They overlap, but they also exist seperately to each other. See the chart below for how personal and private information tallies up.

If it helps, substitute 'individual' for 'personal'.

Impersonal Personal / Individual
Public Public and impersonal is the stuff that suits a wiki, and indeed much public discourse around the world. Share this information, and share it wide. Note: It is free for revision and editing by others - if you have a problem with that, then put it in your personal User: space, or keep it off the wiki.
  • ThorxBlog
  • ThorxWiki
Public and personal is... for example, your name. It's personal to you, but not private information. Put this stuff in your User: page and subpages thereof. Content in this space is technically able to be edited by anyone, but good wiki manners dictated that such edits be limited to markup/typography type corrections and clarifications only.
Private Thorx Wiki is not the place to reveal Government secrets. There is WikiLeaks for that kind of thing! Personal and private information should be kept to yourself. Thorx Wiki is not the place to reveal your inner demons (or daemons, as the case may be)
  • NemoBrain

Thorx Wiki privacy policy is that this site is suitable to keep secrets on. Insofar as you're happy to keep the secret safe between you, me, google, and potentially over 7 billion other people! :)

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