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Eliza in front of Seraph
no nuclear powered time travel vehicles here. No siree

Eliza is Nemo's car. A Toyota Sera

She has butterflywing doors - not gullwing like the time travelling DeLorean. Thus Eliza does not travel through time in any unexpected ways.



Eliza is named from the Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue song: Where the Wild Roses Grow. Note that whilst the character appears to be spelt Elisa, my car is Eliza.

  • Vehicle type: Toyota Sera
  • Sera: Tibetan word for 'wild rose' or 'wild rose garden'
  • Wild Rose: What Elisa Day is called in the song (why they called her that she did not know)


Technically, Eliza is now a frankensera, having recieved donor parts from 'Seraph', my spare parts Sera. Seraph may one day yet become a project Sera.


Eliza is accompanied by a Dalek as a hood ornament. Dalek hood ornament make Eliza simultaneously geekier and cooler.


Dale and his studio at the gig

Eliza can carry more than you think. The Dalek is not the only Who-ism she posesses. At times, she can be a veritable TARDIS. Some examples of items which have been transported ENTIRELY INSIDE Eliza...

  • Four people + camping gear for four + firetwirling and stiltwalking kits, + unicycle. Note that one of the four was touring Australia, so the ENTIRETY of his belongings were in Eliza. Note that he did not accompany the return trip, and with one person and his space available extra, Eliza was still CRAMMED FULL! This was the wisp trip to Coastfest in 2006.
    • We did it again for Melbourne to Port Fairy and return legs 2009. Again with four people, plus twirling kits, stilts, hoops, instruments and camping gear. We also strapped firestaffs to the roof in a first test of a psuedo roofrack!
  • Dale's entire studio out to a gig. At first we thought we'd need a ute!
  • Dale's new mac (for values of "new" that are 2008 or something) See img_14124 on my phone camera
  • Dale's mountain bike on multiple occasions.
  • A 46" TV (more specifically; "and the box it came in") can fit comfortably in the back, with the rear bar removed. Any larger would not fit comfortably, or indeed, at all.

ProjectSera ideas

  • Headlight revamp - I'd like highintensity headlikes... like I'm driving a TRUCK
  • Oh, and airhorn too?
  • Side-strakes in the bodywork, ala wikipedia:Toyota Alessandro Volta
  • Complete reworking of top fin/shade - to include
    • blinkers
    • brake light
    • reverse light
    • windscreen wiper
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