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Nemo indulges in fire performance. This started back in 2001 when he picked it up as a hobby from a housemate who, as Nemo says, "was also doing the stuff". Fast forward to 2004 when he was an original member of Will o' The Wisp fire circus, and now he's paid to play with fire. As of 2011, Nemo is still a Wispy...

Equipment and Ability

Nemo has in the past firebreathed (see pic), but given it up for health reasons. These days he has returned to his original preferences of staff (especially doublestaff), and firesword. He has also performed with fire skipping rope, wand, palms and orb.

On the non-fire side, he can stiltwalk, twirl flags and glow-staff, and has been the base for several basic acro pyramids (thigh-stands, and shoulder stands)


Firebreathing circa 2001... (not healthy!)

(an incomplete list of shows Nemo has been involved in through Wisp)

  • Port Fairy Folk Festival: March 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009!
  • Majors Creek: November 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
  • Canberra Multi-cultural Festival - Fringe: February(?) 2005, 2006, 2007
  • National Folk Festival: Easter 2006, 2007
  • National Buskers Festival: 2006
  • Maldon Folk Festival: Nov 2006
  • CoastFest (Gosford): Oct 2006
  • Cobargo Folk Festival: Feb(?) 2006
  • Woodford: Dec 2005/Jan 06, 2010/11
  • National Celtic Festival: 2005
  • The Abbey - medieval festival: 2009

Incidentally, Eliza has been the transport for the majority of these shows, and affectionately considered part of the troupe.

Health and Safety

Health is a concern for any fire twirler. Fuel vapours are toxic, and when twirling, easily breathed. Firebreathing is more dangerous as you hold the fuel in your mouth - where it can obsorb directly into your body - and in addition, the action of firebreathing creates a LARGE fireball directly in front of you, in addition to a need to breathe deeply almost immediately afterwards. There is little danger of breathing in the flame, but the smokey vapours are prevalent.

All fire twirling should be considered dangerous, and appropriate safety equipment on hand at all times. Additionally, do not mix twirling with intoxication.

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