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Hitchhiker's Guide (to the galaxy)

Other acronyms include HHGG and H2G2. It is generaly unclear if the 'G' in HHG is meant to refer to Guide or Galaxy, but Guide seems to make more sense.


This page exists because Nemo is a fan.

For the moment, it's just a list of some links he might want to chase up, and a few random ideas... :)

Items from within the story

Things a HHG fan might concievably buy if it was marketed, or make for themself.

  • Dressing gown (perhaps matching towel designs - see below)
  • Wikkit Gate and Ultimate Weapon matching set (perhaps at 42% scale) (see: wikipedia:Wicket)
  • Kill-O-Zap gun (see also below - Fifth Element)
  • The ? Institute's Prize for Extreme Cleverness (as won by the inventor of the Infinite Improbability Drive)
  • Slartibartfast Design Award (block of perspex with Norway in it)

Items inspired from the story

  • Towels

Towels with enhancements

Towel gets it's own sub-category since it is so iconic to the culture. All towel enhancement ideas should be functional (imho) without detracting from the essential towel concept. ie, You can dry yourself off with it if it seems clean enough

Pattern ideas

  • Literature (woven in or printed on)
    • The obvious "Don't Panic" and "42".
    • The self-referential "towel"
    • The guide towel entry
  • "chalk" body outline
  • particle accelerator pattern
    • Gallifreyan writing as per the 2005 Doctor Who series. This writing alludes to particle accelerator patterns already. (there is no canonical script, but there are 'standardised' fan ones. "Don't Panic" in gallifreyan would seem work? ;) (standardised fan version: http://timeturners.wikidot.com/circular-gallifreyan )
  • geometric shapes as per TV series
  • Matched to the dressing down using the above ideas or other matching schemas (eg, in the 'chalk body outline' towel, the dressing gown may have 'stabwounds' included)
  • Krikkit wars commemorative towel (as mentioned in the Quandary Phase (ep 18?). Assumed to have a wikkit gate design.
    • type 1: take up as much room on the towel as possible
    • type 2: make it cricket wicket sized, so it could be used for actual beach cricket!
  • A stylised towel, making it meta.


References and other notes

A Kill-O-Zap?

Guide References in other media

  • Mulder (X-Files) lives in Apartment 42
  • Men In Black - aliens escaping earth sing the betelgusian death anthem (from the radio series)

Coincidental(?) appearance of Guide-like elements

  • The hallway "gimme da cash" mugger in The Fifth Element wields a VERY Kill-O-Zap -alike gun.
  • The Husnock in Star Trek:TNG ships (episode: The Survivor, season 3) are not dissimilar to the Vogon ships of the TV series
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