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A place for lists of places mentioned in the works of Douglas Adams

Being for purposes of fandom touring :)

See also: wikipedia:Places in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy#Earth 2


  • Seafront at Southend (as witnessed on the Heart of Gold)
  • Norwegian fjords/glacier (Slartibartfast's signature)
  • Lords cricket ground (Krikket attack)
  • Fenchurch St Station (for whom Fenchurch was named after)
  • Islington (numerous references)
    • Hotblack Desiato realestate agent (inspiring for Disaster Area)
    • Arthur's cave/Fenchurch's house (note that there is a specific house which inspired her door)
  • Taunton (Arthur and Fenchurch's first "date")
  • NYC. A place Arthur thought of after the world ended. He never thought it existed anyway, so this is a tenuous link ;)

Dirk Gently

  • St Cedds college, Cambridge or nearest equiv ;)
  • St Pancras Station (Valhalla)
  • Regents Canal

Last Chance to See

  • Madagascar (Aye Aye)
  • Komodo, Indonesia (Komodo Dragon)
  • Zaire (Gorillas and White Rhino)
  • New Zealand (Kakapo)
  • Yangtze River, China (Yangtze River Dolphin)
  • Rodrigues (Fruit bat)


  • Innsbruck fields (supposedly where the HHG idea originated when Douglas was drunk)
  • Heart of Gold hostel. It's merely named after the ship by fans. In Berlin.
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