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This is an idea for a joke/novelty product.

An aerosol-alike can which is in fact an electronic device which, when the button is pressed, issues forth a stream of cuss words at random, providing comedic effect.

from email logs:

from	Nemo <>
to	Kell <>
date	Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 10:44
subject	Re: a question...

ok groovy. I will see what info I can track down to follow this up.

Thankyou :)


On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 11:33 PM, Kell <> wrote:

    Hi Nemo,

      This would be fairly straight forward - you'd use a small battery and a speaker connected to a flashed
      memory chip with audiocodec on-board.  Purpose made chips of this sort are readily available and found
      in all manner of obnoxious toy.  The big challenge would be programming the chip etc.



    Nemo wrote:

        Had idea. Many years ago. Reminded myself of it today...

        So, how easy to construct a small (approx the size of a can of coke) device which is 100% self contained
        (ie, battery and speakers included), which at the press of a button would play through a series of short
        audio samples (one or two words long each one) at random, untill the button is released?

        I'm not asking for much detail - about 30seconds thought worth of detail is fine.

        The idea? "cuss in a can". Like a can of flyspray, but instead it just yells profanities about...


        "Happiness is defined by ones capacity for enjoyment" --Robert Asprin

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