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This page is solely for brainstorming and listing of vehicle modding ideas.

Any ideas that become decently fleshed out should go to their own page.

Light Control

  • Have all lights inside and outside car be computer controllable. (think of how cops and alarm systems can flash headlights independantly). Target: lights in UFO (rotating around) or disco (random flashing) modes.

Travel Van

  • Take a late 70's holden 2tonner flatbed (based on the shared kingswood frontend), and mod thus:
    • and attach a stretched panelvan to the rear
    • 4seat interior based off station wagon (so the rear seats can fold down)
    • allow access by using the doors from a monaro coupe doors. Side windows too for visibility.
    • campervan-style popup roof.
    • interior rollcage from which a bed can be sat at the top.
      • or string a hammock from it! :)
    • LS1 GM V8 has similar engine mount, so a basic adaptor?
    • ...Result: huge.
    • bonus idea: 4WD, or at least, 4WD height clearance?


Rotary Mini

  • One mini cooper (original style) + one mazda rotary engine. Mix well. Drive. Replace pants.

Party Ute

  • One ute (as wide bodied as you can get - so 70's Kingswood or Falcon), add rollcage and insert speakers within. Add a fridge and toys (including projector unit) behind the cab, then couch, then a swing-door tailgate which opens down to a BBQ grill. Probably more speakers too. Result: Party on, dudes!
    • First "draft" from a Mighty Boy perhaps though? Kind of fun that way.

Dodgem Mini

  • Regular mini (original style), with fake "bumpers" and a sparkler assembly on the roof to simulate hte look of an electric powered dodgem car

Oversize Tonka

What vehicles look like they were made by Tonka?

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