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For the ultimate in home movie experience...

Next time a local cinema closes, renovates, or similar... see if you can get a set of seats... 3 in a row is good IMHO, and build up a couch around them. Woo! I say.

I have such a set of seats now, from the now closed Center Cinema in Canberra. (part of the Electric Shadows group - now part of Dendy). This page will details, I hope, my building of such a couch :)

Steps were approximately

  • Platform base (5ply plywood) and bolts were purchased
    • base chosen on basis of strength vs weight
    • bolts purchased on basis of thickness (must fit into existing couch brackets), and dome head (as they are carpet facing)
  • Bolted on.
    • I sat it all on milkcrates, drilled and bolted.
    • I also very roughly planed the edges of the wood to avoid hard edges
  • Placed in loungeroom
  • Commonly Populated by Veronica

In the end, it was so simple that I took no photos.

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