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Dale is a music guy. Actually he is that guy over to the left... my left... other left!

As stated above Dale makes music of the Acidy Jump around like a crazy person variety. If you like this kind of music then check the link below.

Other than that Dale likes blowing things up, fire, general destruction and mayhem. He also works in the same building as children so the above may be concerning to some people.


Now Seriously

In addition to being a full time Lunatic, musician and working in the same building as children Dale also studies Security and Strategic Studies at the Australian National University. To be specific Dale's studies investigate Australia's Geo Political and Strategic outlook or more simply how Australia interacts politically and strategically on the world stage.

If you wish to learn more about this insanely complex field of study then i suggest you spend the next 5 years at University studying it. Or you could just read some articles Dale has (will) written that are (will be) put up on

Dale's Political Point of View

According to

Economic Left/Right
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian

Translation: I'm a moderate... wow now there was a surprise

Dale's Articles on


Contact Dale

info -at- (spam protected email)

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