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<mp3>http://www.dalebaldwin.com/livesets/Feb 08 Live Set Demo.mp3</mp3>
Feb 2008 Live Set Demo

This page is all about the music of Dale Baldwin. Dale is a Canberra based Electronic musician producing a style of music influenced by Acid House, Breaks, 2 Step, Techno, Jazz and Progressive sounds.

Major Influences

Let Go (web mix)

Dale's major influences include early Prodigy (Voodoo People, Everybody in the Place, Wind it up) and Orbital (Chime, Halcyon on and on, Impact) through to more recent acts such as General Midi, Aquasky and Hybrid.

Elite Force White Lightning
(Dale Baldwin Remix)

From a DJ perspective Dale has been an avid collector of House and Techno records since the age of 16 and has a large and glowing vinyl collection that covers the genres of House, Techno, Breaks, Progressive, Trance and Psy.


To make his sound Dale uses a combination of Hardware Synths, Samplers and VST instrument emulations of vintage synths.

The current kit list includes

Computer Production

In the past I used to hate doing everything entirely on the computer. That as I have discovered in the last 12 hours (as of 1st March 2008), this may have had more to do with the computer than I originally thought.

I recently bought a Mac Pro and have been slowly moving much of my old studio software and samples onto it. After just having completed a new track on it I have to say that this machine is just downright awesome but also when CPU speed and RAM are no longer an issue you can really do a lot. Any way I will post a pic up later of what the OS X 10.5 CPU monitor looks like when you run Ableton Live 7 with 4 synth plug ins and loads of FX.

Cool things I will get to in the future

In addition to the above kit Dale also uses a laptop and a midi controller keyboard live to Trigger samples out of Ableton live in real time. I will get to writing a page with screen shots and a how to eventually, if I don't use the discussion page link up top to remind me!

Also check out this article on Tube article for info on Vintage tubes and valve distortion which is a part of Dale's production process

Music related links that are cool and useful

Vintage Synth Explorer
best source for info on vintage kit, really useful for those ebay bargain shoppers out there
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The history of House Music
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ABC online Documentary of the history of Techno


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