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Brisbane, as a city, is very CBDfocused.

I'm of the opinion that this isn't a great thing, hence, this page.

Here are my thoughts.


Because transport issues are a greater part of the problem, imho

  • Reintroduce trams. Convert busways (many of which are ugly, but they're there) to tramways.
  • Extend the Inner City bypass to cross the river to Bulimba. increase traffic options to the inner east, and options to circumvent the city when travelling north/south.
  • Make the river a transport corridor, not a barrier as it currently largely is.
    • Extend the citycat range - both up and down river.
    • Expand the citycat services - more cats, more often, more locations. (eg: Kangaroo point to Botanical gardens, as a free cross river ferry!)
    • Currently the citycat "zones" are smaller than the bus zones. They should be equal, or even bigger.
  • Turn Victoria Bridge into a pedestrian bridge and market place. Move the busses/trams into a tunnel below the bridge. This connects the Queen Street Mall (pedestrian space) with the South Bank Parklands and cultural centers. Currently these two pedestrian spaces are divorced by a river and 8 lanes of traffic, with the only connection being a multilane bus/car bridge.


The city needs more green space to make it people friendly for those who ARE there

  • A lawn space as covering over the northern end of Central station (currently a hole in the ground showing trains)
  • reintroduce lawns to King George Square
  • Enforce/entice developers to turn vacant paused-development spaces into parklands. It need be nothing more than some benches and grass, but it's better than an empty construction site, right?
    • As an incentive: tax breaks if they do, tax penalties if they do not.
    • Also: built to city-standard parks for safety purposes, and the city takes on responsibility for _basic_ maintenance (eg: lawn mowing) and litigation costs if someone hurts themselves.
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