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A CardGame nemo used to play at university between lectures. It's probably known by many names, and there are probably many variants on the rules... but here is how we played it.

  • There are cards sufficient that every player can have a four-of-a-kind. (if a player joins or leaves, then cards are added/removed as nescessary)
  • The dealer controls each round.
  • The aim of the game is to be the last player standing.

Play goes like this:

  • Dealer shuffles and deals. No player may pick up the cards untill the dealer knocks on the table.
    • Penalty: one point.
  • Player passes one card to the player on his left, and recieved one from the player to his right, each time the dealer calls "pass".
    • The dealer may call "pass" as fast as he likes and aim for confusion. If so, the dealer can call an inspection and any player with more or less than 4 cards is penalised one point. Cards are redistributed so that each player has 4, and the game continues.
  • When a player gets four-of-a-kind, he drops his hand to the table. At this point everybody drops their cards to the table, regardless what they are holding. Last person is penalised a point.
  • If a player points (to anything at all), they are penalised a point.
  • If a player accumulated four points, they become a "devil" and their cards are removed from the game. That player must now try and disrupt the flow of the game, but are not allowed to physically interfere. Other players must NOT acknowledge a devil in any way, or they are penalised a point.
    • It can be boring to be the only devil, but multiple devils can make it interesting ;)


  • Play on smooth tables is best for easy card passing
  • I'd recommend 5 players minimum, as the best parts of the game are when there are 2 or more devils, and 3 or more players...(with two players, each knows what is in the others hand... can be tense and thrilling, but also shortlived)
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