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Nemo has a fairly strong definition of "evil". Most people seem to use the word fairly loosly and in a manner analagous to "devious".

Nemo uses "devious" when he means devious, and "evil" when he actually means evil.

Here is a small summary, in a manner of speaking, as to how nemo views things...

How do you react to action?

+ = Good action
o = No action
- = Bad action

If you react with a...

+ for a - ... Godliness
+ for a o ... Kindliness
+ for a + ... Friendliness

o for a - ... Cowardliness
o for a o ... Lifelessness
o for a + ... Thoughlessness

- for a - ... Childishness
- for a o ... Meanness
- for a + ... Devilishness

(I got this from seminary (Mormon bible class) many years ago with a reference to Matthew 5:43-47)

Now, in my (nemo's) opinion, devious can fit into either Friendliness, Childishness, or meanness, depending on how it's handled. Basically, it's part of all three. Evil fits quite firmly alongside Devilishness.

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