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2014 proposal

There is a recurring (but often silent) debate in Australia about our flag.

I am of the opinion it's pretty bad, and we should have a new one.

This is my 2014 flag design idea. I'd not even go so far as to say it's a proposal, but I hope it gets people thinking. Taking a layout cue from the NT and ACT flags, the left third is a solid base with the southern cross. I've chosen a black base, with the original (and Victorian and NT state) southern cross. (This is identical to the NT flag). To the right, a blue field has a yellow arc above, and red below. The top is to be read as the sun, and red as uluru. They are shaped appropriately. You can imagine the white band between red and blue as a heat-haze if you like, but really it's just to separate the blue and red from touching (which would be bad design karma :) - it also means the flag includes colours from both our current and aboriginal flags.

Sketches prior to final design

Variants on the design

This thread also has some good designs

Further links, ideas and reading

The 2014 facebook thread from which the above sketches and design came from:

The 2016 facebook thread about flags:

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