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Nemo learnt this game from some friends at National Folk Festival in 2008. It's a very simple game to occupy your time.

The aim is to get the lowest point as summed over your four cards.

Card values are:

  • Numeric values, all face cards = 10, Ace=1, Queen = 0


  • Deal each player four cards, face DOWN.
  • Player views two of their own cards.
  • In turns, each player takes one card from the deck (or the top discard card), and swaps it for one of their own cards.
  • At any time, any player can knock to end the round - forcing everyone to reveal their cards and sum values. Lowest sum wins the round. (lowest possible is 0 with four queens, but note that you cannot be beaten if you score 1 or 2)
  • Repeat to taste.
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