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By their words shall ye know them

We all have our own unique takes on language. This is a list of some of the language you might find on Thorx, or otherwise just used by Thorx wikizens.

A neat outcome of this would be that we pick up each others lexicon, and generate an internet meme out of this. :)

The Lexicon itself

...these are in somewhat common usage by someone...?

  • seso - Thorx code for "I'm just updating this wiki page so that a Mozilla crash doesn't lose all my work", an abbreviation for "save early, save often". Originally from Screwtape
  • Cvte - for Cute - via Screwtape
  • Molecule - name for a cluser of ATM (machines ;) Origin: ATM = atom. From Nemo
    • Appendum: Each banks ATM may be elementised by adding '-ium' after the bank name.
  • Ostrich - in reference to emulating another person. Follow the link please.
  • Advanced Coffee Substitute - Nemo prefers Hot Chocolate (more accurate to say he hates Coffee). The name itself is a Hitchhiker's ObRef.
  • Craxy - Just a crazy and deliberate misspelling of crazy. It's an afda thing.
  • ObRef - Short for Obligatory, Obvious or Obscure reference, depending on context. 1

...these are less common usage it would see

  • Phuq - Nemo's replacement for "fuck". (originated from Wormey, or is at the least, Wormeyesque)
  • Aye - Nemo's laconic replacement for "Yes". For people who can't decide between "aye" and "yes", there's always aglami's "ye".
  • -mahoozer - Suffix, original, by SnowHart. Used to add "oomph" to a word, or imply confusion when used hesitantly. Insert short "a" between most consonants and suffix itself. "Hey! Let go of my backpackamahoozer!" "Hey! Go get me that... Er... Wrenchamahoozer..."
  • mrp - A sound, generally implying a sense of disappointed-ness or surprise, sometimes both at once. Is rarely spoken above a surprisedly loud mutter.
  • Fan-Q - (Also, Fan Q) SnowHart made a vague attempt one day to say Fang-Queue. This came out. It's stuck ever since as a way to say "Thank-you".
  • Clinical - As a statement of seriousness. (Like 'heavy' in the 80's). Derived from psychology, eg, 'Clinical Depression'
  • nonsensicle - A single element of nonsense, on a stick. (from a misspelling of 'nonsensical'). See here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/thristian/43405.html
    • Related: apatheticle - A single element of apathy (on a stick)
  • Performatising - a portmanteau of 'performance' and 'advertising'. Many performatisements are named 'flashmobs' when they're really not.
  • Tabalanche - An overload of browser tabs. This may happen suddenly, or in slow motion over years...


  • So angry I could punch a bike - a phrase indicating an absolute quantity of rage, used to establish a relative measure of anger ("Not quite angry enough to go looking for a bike" compared to "So angry I could punch a bike in the face").

Also: note please ISFN.

Not to be confused with Lexicon Crossing

[1] By this logic, 'Ob' may be a more general prefix. For example, ObJoke2

[2] Obrefs are also often accompanied by footnotes

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