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Electric Monk had some ideas about rhyming slang

  • Teach moby a whole bunch of lyrics
  • Teach it to recognise some basic rhyming structures
  • Have it use those as best as possible...

Nemo had some ideas about thesaurus

  • Feed moby a thesaurus so it knows big lists of synonyms

Assume moby would be generating a sentance "A B C D E", It starts with word "A" and then sees "b` b`` b```..." as possible followon words from A. However, it checks the thesaurus and finds that Y is a synonym for A, and so looks for "z` z`` z```..." as valid words that have followed" Y. Thus any of "b` b`` b``` z` z`` z```" can legally be the nextword after A. This is a backwards synonym check, and probably relatively cheap.

You could also, but probably with more resources expense, do synonym checks on each of b` b`` b```, etc as well, and thus do forward synonym checks.

Screwtape had some strange obsession about making it faster

...like anyone's ever wanted a faster computer program. pfaw! Using the Python Profiler would likely help.


  • When somebody says something, have a 1 in 100 chance that Moby will pick a keyword and "markov for <keyword>" without any intervention.
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