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I'm going to start collecting curious little project ideas that I'd normally scribble down and forget.
mr oCean

mr oCean

Using point sources of UV light to sculpt plant growth.

Guiding growth, leading with a moving point source. From a scientific point of view, I'm interested because it would show which *part* of the plant is primarily doing the growing towards the light. If it's the nearest point, the shape of the plant will follow the path closely; I suspect it won't, but that there would be more growth nearest the source.

The tightness of corners is an interesting point: at what stage would a sprout give up on following and, rather, a new sprout form? Maybe all this stuff is already known to clever plant people, though... But it's equally possible that it's considered too trivial to be of interest, given that plants don't tend to grow with point light sources...


Super Hydrophobia

Use hypophobic material to create living water sculptures, and also as interesting prop potential in theatre.

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