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I've been reinventing the wheel:

Additionally, the timeline has been done as a "barcode" here: /

So a movie is a series of moving pictures.

Pictures are tones and colours. (sometimes just tones)


Can we visualise the whole movie in one still image to show a timeline of colour and tone? ie, to watch the movie in space, not in time

Answer: yes, yes we can.


Encode the movie to 1fps at a low resolution (32x18), then tile the frames to an image. (60frames wide for easy to conceptualise "1 minute per row").


In retrospect, the timeline version works better than I had thought, and had therefore never tested. Montage 1 frame per 10 seconds to a single row, then resize to approx 1horizontal pixel per 2 seconds, and 512pixels height.

Issues to Note

The resultant image is a fraction of a percent of the original movie visual data. And no audio data. It is ludicrous to think that such a small percentage of content (equivalent to no more than a couple of frames of screengrab) would be copyright infringement. As such, I am marking these images as 'fair use'. They are, non-reversible derivative works.
There is no audio - though a pitch adjusted speedup up the entire movie audio (reduce to, say, one minute, or perhaps by a factor of 60) could be interesting as a side project also.
Final image size
Several meg for the 32pixel rendering. I also render a 16pixel width version (that is: 16px wide per frame), and then that is reduced again by half for the 8px width versions seen here.



Cube timeline

This movie is set in a series of rooms, identical except for colouring. This makes for not only an excellent movie map, but the resulting map is a useful tool to analyse colour usage within the movie!

O' Brother, Where Art Thou

O' Brother, Where Art Thou

With distinct colourisation throughout the movie, this map is similarly distinctive. The Blue at the end is very notable


I had hoped the gradual introduction of colour within the movie would be evident within the moviemap. This was not the case though, and the map was quite drab.


Very colourful, but not coherently so (ie, unlike Cube or Oh' Brother). Alot of electric-blue look showed through.


Matrix Trilogy

  • not yet mapped, I hope to see evidence of the red/green colourisation between the real world and the matrix

Star Wars trilogy

  • not yet mapped, but the trilogy set many key planetside scenes in very defined areas which should show up well. (Ice battle, desert battle, forest chase, etc)


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