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I (aka Oscar) have had an insane idea - to build my own PC (ie, using components and solder). Along this journey, I will also need to build an OS from scratch. This is, thinking about it at this current time, probably something that will happen several times, because in order to build the best possible OS for the PC, I will need to study different methods of implimenting various things.

I would very much like to build the PC architecture around the concept of programmable logic devices. This gives the ability to make the computer physically faster when a new technique for programming the logical devices onboard is found. This will make the end result something which is still dynamic, unlike the current PC architectures which are quite static.

The problem is, and always will be, that unless you build things around the same fundamentals, no one program will be useful on another PC. This problem could be easily solved by the "BigWigs" (aka "they") by introducing various standards for PC architecture (including opcodes) that makes it possible to reach a certain level, which is - a level of being able to produce something more useful, that works before the individual vendors (AMD, Intel, Motorolla, Transmeta, etc) have the choice of branching their own ideas into the architecture. It really wouldn't take much, openmindendness would be the order of the day, and patience. Really, if "they" did this and gave themselves a decade to complete the task (which is at least how long it would take to prioritise everything and generate some kind of order from it - eg, sorting the "absolutely necessary" from the "it's a neat idea and we need a way of allowing for this"), we could then have a system, based on "The Best Way", on which all further developments in the field of computer science and information technology is based on. Maybe that's far too idealistic for some people?

Okay, I'll stop ranting now. Note to self, or anyone else - feel free to edit this page so that it makes more sense!

Hey, when you get that system built, send me one! I'll even PAY for it! -- Gaz

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