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  • People make variable-sized cabinets to hold their entertainment system.
  • People make standard-cabinets to hold their computer equipment (aka: Racks)
  • Computer equipment is becoming more an entertainment system every day.


  • Use computer rack standards as the basis for entertainment system cabinet.

Basic Layout

  • Cabinet with a square footprint with rails spaced as a 19 inch rack along all faces.
    • ie, cabinets are not designed with an explicit 'front'
    • Advantage of square footprint is that rack-mount shelves can be mounted to face outwards from the sides (for use as speaker stands or random cabinet trinkets shelving, etc)
  • Two cabinets roughly 2metres high (42 RU?) for speakers and storage.
  • Two cabinets roughly 60cm high (12RU?) to make a base for TV. This should be suitable height and proportion for a LARGE modern flatscreen TV.
  • For remote control access through doors, an IR-retransmitter may be required. Alternatively, bluetooth remotes


  • Welded/rivetted metal in an industrial steampunk style, ie, welds and rivets, but not much (any) victorian frill. Heat scoring on the bare metal is a plus
  • Doors as aged-wooden doors of a similar style/

ie, this should look like a vintage welded iron+wood table, which has decided to be a rack for a while.

  • Side doors should be simple wooden doors of similar style.
    • Note that conjoined racks do not need door panels, neither are panels needed for the rear

Additional notes

Some things may need to be custom designed?

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