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10:03, 3 September 2021Infernochess-depth5.png (file)(thumbnail)105 KBNemo (5 level deep Inferno chess board. * InfernoChess Created by the magic of bash scripting and... ImageMagick. )1
22:34, 7 January 2020Blackhole chess.JPG (file)(thumbnail)1.91 MBNemo (Photo of blackhole chess setup)1
14:35, 4 May 2019Emojitetra-rate analysis.png (file)(thumbnail)310 KBNemo (emojitetra - total vs rate correlation)1
21:25, 14 February 2019Goldenwattle girt twowaves.png (file)(thumbnail)60 KBNemo (Golden Wattle flag, but with "sea" girting the edges, multiple waves making "boomerangs")1
00:48, 13 February 2019Goldenwattle girt indigcolours.png (file)(thumbnail)35 KBNemo (Another colour variation on the "Goldenwattle_girt.png" image. This time with indigenous flag colours, retaining the yellow in center, and placing it on black sky. The red waves could now be considered symbolic of spilled blood?)1
00:42, 13 February 2019Goldenwattle girt ochre.png (file)(thumbnail)32 KBNemo (Colour variation of the Image:Goldenwattle_girt.png tweak)1
00:33, 13 February 2019Goldenwattle girt.png (file)(thumbnail)35 KBNemo (Golden Wattle flag, but with "sea" girting the edges, Canada style)1
21:53, 3 January 2019Substringchance.png (file)(thumbnail)121 KBNemo (substring probability curves Graph showing probability of a substring of length X (for X=5,6,7,8) being identical characters in a big string length Y, where Y is populated from only 7 possible characters. ie, relevant to EmojiTetra/DeepStatistics)1
19:26, 18 June 2018MonopoZombie-20180616.jpg (file)(thumbnail)322 KBNemo (Nemo contemplates no way to win as the last human in a game of MonopoZombie, whilst Nerissa looks on, and Ethan enthusiastically makes a move {{{Permission|granted by facebook post}}} {{{CopyrightContact|Joi}}})1
23:16, 5 March 2018LC-20180304 2.JPG (file)(thumbnail)756 KBNemo (Lexicon Crossing game from 4th March 2018. Score of 74/14=5.285 represents one of the highest scores yet seen, yet still lost. LC120 tile set, two players)1
23:11, 5 March 2018LC-20180304 1.JPG (file)(thumbnail)713 KBNemo (Lexicon Crossing game from 4th March 2018. Score of 76/14=5.428 represents a new record high score )1
16:55, 28 June 2017WattleThrobber.gif (file)(thumbnail)37 KBNemo (right-way up. (let's pretend the previous upside-down version was intentional, as a 'distress' sign. Or a test to see if anyone noticed it was upside down...))2
01:10, 31 May 2017FlagSketch 2016 1.png (file)(thumbnail)19 KBNemo (Nemo's 2016 variant on 2014 design. )1
08:54, 29 May 2017Flag 2017.png (file)(thumbnail)25 KBNemo (Nemo's 2017 flag proposal. Primarily a tweak of Erik Veland's design here:^tfw)1
23:34, 14 February 2016Nemo Flag 2014 3.png (file)(thumbnail)29 KBNemo (Variant on Nemo's 2014 flag design. This has fix-width white border to the "sun")1
23:31, 14 February 2016Nemo Flag 2014 2.png (file)(thumbnail)28 KBNemo (2014 variant with white border to the "sun")1
23:29, 14 February 2016Flag 2014.png (file)(thumbnail)21 KBNemo (no border)2
22:06, 2 February 2016Flagsketch2014 4.png (file)(thumbnail)338 KBNemo (Fingerpaint (tablet) flag sketch, March 2014.)1
22:05, 2 February 2016Flagsketch2014 3.png (file)(thumbnail)170 KBNemo (Fingerpaint (tablet) flag sketch, March 2004.)1
22:04, 2 February 2016Flagsketch2014 2.png (file)(thumbnail)300 KBNemo (Fingerpaint (tablet) flag sketch, March 2004.)1
22:03, 2 February 2016Flagsketch2014 1.png (file)(thumbnail)336 KBNemo (Fingerpaint (tablet) flag sketch, March 2004. )1
22:37, 9 June 2015Daskeyboard-4C M.jpg (file)(thumbnail)131 KBNemo (gimp modification of the Daskeyboard 4, to create a better "4C" to my taste. I call it the "4C M")1
23:48, 3 February 2015Partyclock.png (file)(thumbnail)181 KBNemo (second hand, minute hand, hour hand, party hand! Idea and image by Nemo. )1
21:04, 2 February 2015Cube movieline.jpg (file)(thumbnail)210 KBNemo (Minimal sampling of copyright work. Non-reversible but directly derivative)1
20:51, 2 February 2015Cube framemap.jpg (file)(thumbnail)181 KBNemo (Movie framemap of Cube. One frame per 10 seconds. )1
20:45, 2 February 2015OBrotherWhereArtThou framemap.jpg (file)(thumbnail)477 KBNemo (one frame per 10 seconds, 30 frames to a line (hence 5 minutes per line) {{minimal sampling from copyright work for illustrative purposes.}})1
01:30, 10 October 2014LC-20141009.jpg (file)(thumbnail)623 KBNemo (Lexicon Crossing game. Photo by Nemo. Score is 34/8=4.25 An exercise in ONLY using high pointscoring tiles, and minimising word count Player was Nerissa)1
01:22, 10 October 2014LC-20120422.jpg (file)(thumbnail)1.1 MBNemo (Lexicon Crossing game. Photo by Nemo. Score is 62/12=5.167 very impressive! Player was probably Nerissa. )1
23:59, 9 October 2014LC-20101114.jpg (file)(thumbnail)660 KBNemo (Lexicon Crossing game. Photo by Nerissa. Score is 36/9=4 Player was probably Nerissa. )1
23:57, 9 October 2014LC-20101113.jpg (file)(thumbnail)665 KBNemo (Lexicon Crossing game. Photo by Nerissa. Score is 61/14=4.36 Player was probably Nemo. )1
20:46, 16 April 2012Zshprompt.png (file)(thumbnail)242 KBNemo (updated with current. Includes commentary directly in image)1
23:23, 26 June 2011Possum final.jpg (file)(thumbnail)680 KBNemo (An experiment in jpeg lossless crop and drop. A high quality greyscale crop is dropped onto a low quality save of the original image, creating a pixel border effect. A high quality colour crop is then dropped onto this, giving a two-border effect. I)1
05:14, 25 June 2011Kwalitee.jpg (file)(thumbnail)152 KBNemo (An experiment in jpeg lossless crop-n-drop. This image shows horizontal stripes at progressively lower quality. The original camera JPEG was edited with imagemagick to add the caption and saved at -quality 100. Subsequent rows are of quality 50, 20, )1
11:50, 6 June 2011Home entertainment.png (file)(thumbnail)106 KBNemo (basic idea of home media network, and where NUMB fits in)1
23:22, 8 February 2011Lexicon Crossing 20110208.jpg (file)(thumbnail)1.73 MBNemo (photo of a Lexicon Crossing game Nerissa's result from a 2 player game. Scoring 67/14=4.79 Photo by Nerissa)1
13:06, 14 December 2010B.04 - First Offering (slightly nicked) - (Oscarian edit - fade).ogg (file)(thumbnail)7.04 MBNemo (Side B, track 4, from the D.D. Streetjam tape. © Vince Clarke, Circa1992 Uploaded to provide a music sample for investigative purposes. (Oscarian edit, partial track only) )1
00:41, 14 December 2010A.04 - Jupiter 4 Reverse Mode.ogg (file)(thumbnail)1.16 MBNemo (Side A, track 4, from the D.D. Streetjam tape. © D.D. Streetjam, 1992 Uploaded to provide a music sample for investigative purposes. )1
00:29, 14 December 2010B.02 - Swallows Tail Knotted Cord.ogg (file)(thumbnail)1.85 MBNemo (© D.D. Streetjam See D.D. Streetjam)1
22:11, 8 December 2010Taasen board - circlestyle.pdf (file)(thumbnail)8 KBNemo (PDF of circle-style Taasen board)1
22:11, 8 December 2010Taasen board - traditional triangle (worldplate) style.pdf (file)(thumbnail)6 KBNemo (PDF of traditional Taasen board. )1
22:05, 8 December 2010Taasen clock board.png (file)(thumbnail)38 KBNemo 2
01:35, 7 December 2010DD Streetjam - Side B.JPG (file)(thumbnail)422 KBNemo 1
01:34, 7 December 2010DD Streetjam - Side A.JPG (file)(thumbnail)496 KBNemo 1
11:17, 16 September 2010Pie.png (file)(thumbnail)70 KBNemo (generated thanks to )1
23:06, 26 July 2010Stega.png (file)(thumbnail)152 KBNemo (new quote. same joke)2
01:47, 28 June 2010WTTM.png (file)(thumbnail)115 KBNemo (Reverted to version as of 10:56, 20 December 2009)3
01:43, 28 June 2010Iphone wall homescreen.png (file)(thumbnail)120 KBNemo (wallpaper for iPhone iOS4 running on iphone 3 hardware. {{{Justification="low resolution versions of copyright imagery (Pink Floyd 'Welcome to the Machine', Doctor Who screenshot of the 'crack in time')"}}} )1
19:19, 7 February 2010BDO TheT.png (file)(thumbnail)45 KBNemo 1
16:30, 7 February 2010BDOfail.png (file)(thumbnail)118 KBNemo 1
00:16, 14 July 2009Transportlogos.jpg (file)(thumbnail)38 KBNemo (just something I noticed... Created by Nemo)1

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