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ISO 216 defines paper sizes. B0, A0, B1, A1, B2, A2, etc...

So how about matching pizza sizes?

  • Should they match the paper sizes - ie, be of equal area to A4/A3/etc paper sizes?


  • Should one key dimension of the pizza (either circumference or radius) be a nice metric round number? (radius=1m means a pizza with pi m² area!)


Current common pizza sizes

12" Diameter
USA "small"
This is 729cm²
16" Diameter
USA "large"
This is 1279cm²

Proposed "metric" sizes

By ISO216 surface area

"ideal" A and B series paper sizes would be the following: B3 is 1767.76 cm² A3 is 1250 cm² B4 is 883.88 cm² A4 is 625 cm²

A "Pizza with area of A0" - let's call that a "P-A0" would be a pizza of surface area of 1m!

P-B0 - Area = B0 paper = sqrt(2) m² = 14,142 cm²
Radius: 67.1cm
P-AO - Area = A0 paper = 1m² = 10,000cm²
Radius: 56.4cm

By radius

Let's start with a radius of 50cm (since this is a nice conceptual diameter of 1m) ...and then reduce radius by half for each size in the series?

PO - Radius = 50cm
Area = 7853 cm²
P1 - Radius = 25cm
Area = 1963 cm²

By circumference

Let's start with a circumference of 1m. Remember, C=pi*2r

P0 - Circumference = 1m
Radius = 15.9 cm
Area = 795 cm²

...this seems unreasonably small as a base size, yet the next metric niceness = a circumference of 10m, is 10x the size... and 100x the area (ie, about 8m²). yikes!

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