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Everybody knows tetris. The idea is to get rid of the falling blocks by stacking them such that you get a neat horizontal line with no gaps. The line is vanquished, and the lines above fall, thus providing room to keep playing...

My question is
Where do the vanquished lines go?


NOT to tetris-block-heaven as you might suspect.

I think they should be saved as an image stream ... recording if you will, a log of the game...

I wonder what patterns will emerge?


tint (Tint Is Not Tetris) was modified to record a simple log of vanquished lines. A small shell script then turns that log into a series of images - one for each game. We now have a permanent record of vanquished lines :)

A copy of the tintlogger source, and some sample images are available by contacting Nemo.

The resulting image grows "up" much like you would expect given the way tetris is played... multiple rows are moved directly, and retain the visual order from the game. :)

To explain the shown to the right: the left column shows the game logs - itself internally divided into 10 columns visually, as from the game. The second column alternates greys - this shows which lines were obtained single, as pairs, triples or quads. The third column shows the level the game was on for that column.

Regarding colours: in tint, the shapes are coloured as follows:

"L" - purple
"I" - red
"J" - white
"S" - green
"Z" - cyan
"o" - blue
"T" - yellow


  • Evidence of column building is easily found, (especially with the red).
  • Multirow clears (3 and 4) are more common early in the game. As the game speeds, these dissapear almost entirely.

A record of a longer game which reached level9


What is required to analyse the data for true randomness? (a proponsity for column building will count against it though)

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