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TiddlyWiki is a hybrid wiki/blog style self-contained CMS.

It is wiki-like in some ways

  • Wiki markup (own markup, not mediawiki format)
  • massive interlinking is encouraged and made easy
  • Pages aren't expicately chronological (though they may be made so by use of date-as-title

It is blog-like in some ways

  • Pages are presented in multiple-entries displayed on a page

It is unique in some ways

  • The blog view is dynamic, as individual entries (tiddlers) can be displayed and removed again, using ajaxy goodness


  • It is approx 350K in size, when EMPTY. Any pages increase the size, and backups are accomplished by saving the ENTIRE FILE. This makes it quickly cumbersome for space (esp with auto-backup turned on, which is only logical IMHO), but also cumbersome to view history of an individual tiddler.
  • There is no server-side mode, though there are plugins to assist in this

To fix

Tiddlers saved independantly to the core code. Loaded as requested.

This makes it more server-friendly, as the 'loading' can be from filesystem - for on-a-stick variety, or from a server, AJAX style, for server variety

This also makes backups more space friendly, revision history much more possible.

The backend can also be front-end agnostic. For on-a-stick style, flat files makes most sense. On a server, the (to be written, server backend code) can translate to flat files, or DB files, or sql, etc, as it sees fit.


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