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Nemo is not a Zombie.

He hopes never to be.


More seriously, one day Nemo will die. The plan is that this will occur after 2084 (in which year I turn 109), though I reserve the right to die sooner should the world or my health fail below acceptible levels before then. At such time, my life story will end, and only the epiloque (my will) will remain.

This page is my digital will, of sorts...


How to dispose of my stuff

  • All my worldly goods are to be distributed, somehow. I'll get into details later. (additional details are on on User:Nemo/OnAStick
    • Incidentally, between my health insurance, and super, I may have multiple life insurance and/or income protection policies. I should investigate this down the track...

PS. if someone kills me to get my stuff, I wont be impressed. I may well even reconsider my desire to never be a zombie. I'm not a vengeful person by nature, but if I get intentionally deaded, there is no telling the vengefulness of my Zombie.

What about writings/information/ideas/etc?

  • Personal writings (journals, emails, chatlogs, etc) become part of the nemo estate (haha, "nemo estate") to be administered by family as seen fit. I hope that anything I'd want to be not seen would already be deleted.
  • All my public published ideas, writings, any code, etc, is to be dual licensed.
    1. They maintain their original licence (which may be public domain, GPL or more likely, nothing specific (and therefore assumed regular copyright?)
    2. and additionally are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

What about my timecapsule?

Nemo has an ongoing timecapsule... see more about it on NemWiki. Any existing deadlines for opening the capsule should be honoured, and the capsule opened at those times. This to be my 'for people to remember me at least for a few years after my death' legacy. This is a concession to funereal ego. (if a capsule is due within 12 months of my death, it should be opened early for my wake though :)

How to dispose of my corpsified self

  • A simple wooden (orthodox jewish will suit perfect) coffin (trad hex anthropoidal shape, not a rectangular casket), to be decorated by friends and family. Then bury me.
  • Please do not cremate me. I'm not a fan of the idea of such an energy waste. Put me back in the world where I can decompose naturally, and my molecules can do some good.
  • Put 'Nemo' and 'earthnative' on the headstone. (does not preclude other stuff too. Maybe my "If you see my shadow" poem?)
    • My other concession to funereal ego is that I'd like a similar permenent (carved stone) marker to be buried IN THE GROUND with me. And/or maybe a Rosetta Disk (see wikipedia:Rosetta Project)
      • Australian law requires a wikipedia:Coffin plate anyway, so if this is suitable to meet that legal requirement, that would be great :)

Organ Donation

Yes. All organs may be harvested for maximum benefit.

I have considered this, but am currently still leaning towards 'no, just bury what's left of me'.

Any questions? I hope you asked them before you used this page as a direct reference for it's intended purpose... If the private onastick version of my will contradicts anything here, it is to be considered authoritative.

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