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Version Date unfolded net Changelog notes
1.1.1x 2007 3x6 First sketch of "complex trifold" Paper prototype (scale ~1:1.8)
1.1.2x 2007 Paper prototype (scale ~1:1.8), taped
1.1.3x 2007 4x7 Paper prototype (scale ~1:1.8)
1.1.4x 2007 4x7 Paper prototype (scale ~1:1.6)
1.1.5x 2007 2.5x5 Paper prototype, partial featured
1.1.6x 2007 Tyvek (fabric grade) prototype, taped.
1.1.7x 2007 4x7 Tyvek prototype, unassembled with 1.1.x and 1.2.x notes written on the design, this remains the base pattern for subsequent 1.1.x and 1.2.x manufactures
1.1.8z 2007 Tyvek (fabric grade) production
2.1.1x 2008 4x5 First sketch of "simple trifold" Paper prototype (scale ~1:2.6)
2.1.2x 2008 4x7 Paper prototype (scale ~1:1.7)
2.1.3z Feb 2008 4x7 Tyvek production. 12 march 2011: Has additional notes for 2.2.x
3.1.1xz early July 2008 3.5x4 (but pre-glued, so not unfoldable) First sketch of "simple quadfold" Tyvek prototype, used as production
1.1.9z mid July 2008 Tyvek production, made for europe trip
3.1.2x 2008 3.5x4 (not unfoldable) Tyvek prototype.
3.1.3x 2008  ?? (whole envelope) Tyvek prototype.
3.1.4x 2008  ?? (whole envelope) Tyvek prototype.
1.1.10z 2008 First to use full tape outer shell. Black and red gaff shell Tyvek production, made for Erin
1.2.1x December 2008 4x7 (complete) Paper prototype. (scale ~1:1.6)
1.1.11z May 2009 Tyvek production, for Sly, Black and blue gaff shell, but not sent because I had a better design made! Instead, it was archived, and pulled into my own use in May 2013 (replacing 1.2.2z). Note that version on card internally originally gave it incorrectly as 1.1.10p.
1.2.2z 30 May 2009 Tyvek production, Black and red gaff shell
2.2.1z Mar 2011 4x7 Additional panels retained for structure. Tape used for stiffness Tyvek production.
1.1.11z May 2013 Wallet created in 2009 pulled into production use
1.1.11z June 2014 Addition of tape-lined foil in backing as NFC shield. Outer wing is not protected for transport cards. Inner two wings are.
1.1.11z November 2015 Old tape casing very VERY degraded. Covered in transparent duct tape. Very satisfactory result.
4.1.1x 27 Oct 2023 6x (3 + 2x 1/3) A4 paper. Basic 6 layer front-to-back sketch, one end at rear of each inner note sleeve "Origami Wallet" inspired complex trifold
4.1.2x 27 Oct 2023 6x7 same 6 layer front-to-back sketch, with very initial sketch side folds added
4.1.3x 27 Oct 2023 6x5 6 layer front-to-back sketch, both ends now to the rear note sleeve
4.1.4x 1 Nov 2023 6x5 (center/left side only) 6 layer with both ends to the front note sleeve. Left side as a detailed sketch of folds to create pockets Notes to assist creating 4.1.5x
4.1.5x 2-5 Nov 2023 6x9 Same 6 layer. Left side improved pockets. Right side sketch of options for it's pocket need. Notes on relative sizes for fold ratios, and panel requirements
4.1.6x 6 Nov 2023 5x7 5 fold front to back - one end front of front pocket, other end top of center divide. Left side pockets carryover. Right side experimental pocket that doesn't seal the rear note sleeve on the right edge Notes for improvement
4.1.7x 7 Nov 2023 5x8 same 5 fold. Improved right side pockets, keeping the open right edge rear note sleeve Extensive notes to decode the net when unfolded, including shading each side seperate
4.1.8x 8 Nov 2023 6x8 6 fold as per 4.1.4x and 4.1.5x. Side pockets same as per 4.1.7x Alternate orientation of A4 before folding, resulting in different ratio of the prototype (others have been very squarish. This is too far the other way - tall and thin!
4.1.9x 9 Nov 2023 6x7 6 fold as per 4.1.4x. Side pockets attempted to be same as 4.1.7 but misaligned. Both sleeves ended up open to the right, amongst other issues. Notes to improve with 4.1.10x
4.1.10x 12 Nov 2023 6x8 Improved from 4.1.9x. Front sleeve now open to the right.
  • All prototypes are paper unless otherwise noted. Probably A4 but not confirmed.
  • All tyvek use is paper grade from envelopes, unless otherwise noted.
  • All prototypes are full-size unless otherwise noted
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