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** (judges an existing playlists)
** (judges an existing playlists)
** (trains on existing playlists)
** (trains on existing playlists)
* "Boil the Frog" uses spotify "similar artist" measure to create smooth transitions. It's a completely different method to the NIPL proposal, but the end result is pretty similar!
Older links (pre-2009, not checked since):
Older links (pre-2009, not checked since):

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[edit] NIPL: Nemo's Idea for a Play List

This playlist is based on several assumptions about how humans listen to music and organise and generate their own playlists. Please read the NIPL/Assumptions page before continuing.

So the NIPL system, broadly, is:

  • Users rate not just the song, but the song->nextsong pair. (eg, Rammstein and Enya might both get high scores on their own, but Enya->Rammstein is likely to generate a low score)
  • With advanced use of MarkovChains and other sorting cleverness, playlists are generated based on song-pair scores, not just song scores)

Some component parts of NIPL include:

  • Genres (ideas for a comprehensive genre classification system)
  • NUDI (Nemo's Ultimate Disc Identifier)
  • WeightedRandom (The ability to choose the next song in a "random" but usefull manner)

[edit] IRC logs

There are a number of IRC logs (well 4) from August and September 2001. In these, NIPL ideas are brainstormed and thrashed out in some detail. To really get a good idea of NIPL, it's worth reading through those. Especially as it's quite likely we've covered alot of potential questions ourselves already.

Logs can be found at

[edit] Implementations

There is an NIPL/Implementation page with old notes of database structure and the like. In 2002 there was a an implementation of NIPL for Windows, named Project Playlist. Beta2 was released to public, and can be seen on (I've not checked if the .zip is there)


Older links (pre-2009, not checked since):

  • Synapse - A similar idea?
  • GJay - Other ways of generating a good next-song method.
  • iRate - a ratings songs, not links, but collaboratively
  • Building a Music Map - some good discussions here - including from Nemo

NIPL is in accordance with NINS

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