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Nemo's Idea Naming Scheme

This being the 4 letter acronym scheme that Nemo uses to name his projects.

Examples include, in no particular order...

  • NUMB - Nemo's Ultimate Media Box
  • NIPL - Nemo's Idea for a Play List
  • NUDI - Nemo's Ultimate Disk Identifier
  • CDIA - CD Information Agency
  • NCDI - Nemo's CD Identifier
  • NAFS - Nemo's Attempt to Fork SIPS
  • NEWS - Nemo's Enhanced Wiki System
  • NINS - Nemo's Idea Naming Scheme
  • NAAM - Nemo's Audio Archive Manager
  • NADS - Nemo's Approach to Destroying Spam
  • GWIS - GNOME's Wallpaper Intelligently Set

Nemo even uses NINS to name stuff he didn't invent. (though he did name)

  • ISFN - Internet Standard Foot Notes

Finally, NINS could be said to be rather NEAT (Nemo's Eternally Awaited Things)

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