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NIPL: Nemo's Idea for a Play List

This playlist is based on several assumptions about how humans listen to music and organise and generate their own playlists. Please read the NIPL/Assumptions page before continuing.

So the NIPL system, broadly, is:

  • Users rate not just the song, but the song->nextsong pair. (eg, Rammstein and Enya might both get high scores on their own, but Enya->Rammstein is likely to generate a low score)
  • With advanced use of MarkovChains and other sorting cleverness, playlists are generated based on song-pair scores, not just song scores)

Some component parts of NIPL include:

  • Genres (ideas for a comprehensive genre classification system)
  • NUDI (Nemo's Ultimate Disc Identifier)
  • WeightedRandom (The ability to choose the next song in a "random" but usefull manner)

IRC logs

There are a number of IRC logs (well 4) from August and September 2001. In these, NIPL ideas are brainstormed and thrashed out in some detail. To really get a good idea of NIPL, it's worth reading through those. Especially as it's quite likely we've covered alot of potential questions ourselves already.

Logs can be found at


There is an NIPL/Implementation page with old notes of database structure and the like. In 2002 there was a an implementation of NIPL for Windows, named Project Playlist. Beta2 was released to public, and can be seen on (I've not checked if the .zip is there)


  • - automate the process of making complex playlists. It's less about transitions like NIPL, but IS about complex playlists

Older links (pre-2009, not checked since):

  • Synapse - A similar idea?
  • GJay - Other ways of generating a good next-song method.
  • iRate - a ratings songs, not links, but collaboratively
  • Building a Music Map - some good discussions here - including from Nemo

NIPL is in accordance with NINS

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