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Character Initial actor Original understudies Most recent actor
Narrator Stevie fae Cardross
Arthur Iain Nemo, Tian Nemo
Ford Kåre Kåre
Zaphod Amro Bank Professor Urban Chronotis, Tian Professor Urban Chronotis
Trillian nikitta (MEow) Professor Urban Chronotis Professor Urban Chronotis
Marvin Sid Nemo Nemo
Haggunenon Underfleet commander (Leopard and shoebox) Stevie fae Cardross Stevie fae Cardross
Haggunenon Fleet Admiral Pippa Moran Kåre and others (as Froupahonic workshop)
Number Two of the B-Ark Tian Professor Urban Chronotis
Captain of the B-ark Christ van Willegen (aka Witch) Stephen Allcroft
Number One of the B-Ark Rasmus Bøg Hansen dacelog (Peter)
Hairdresser Nemo
Management consultant Tian
Marketing Girl Pippa Moran
Caveman Tian

Fix the Sixth: Casting Call - <4c45cf06$0$28644$>!topicsearchin/$3A4c45cf06$240$2428644$

Fit the First:  2003-03-15 to 2003-04-24:  42 days (!)
Fit the Second: 2003-04-25 to 2003-06-26:  62 days
Fit the Third:  2003-07-18 to 2005-05-04:  656 days
Fit the Fourth: 2005-05-29 to 2007-08-06:  799 days
Fit the Fifth:  2007-08-31 to 2010-07-21: 1055 days.
Fit the Sixth:  2010-08-06 to ...

see: <> ...

Here is the first...

The second:

Casting call, and third:

I don't have the start of the fourth in my archives, but it started in May 2005

This isn't the start of the fifth, but I'm putting that down to Google groups' searchfail (and/or archivefail). It is close though

With more time and effort, I could find more, I'm sure... but maybe not today :)

(Froup Archeology. Froupeology?)


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