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What is a wiki?

The super-summary version is 'A Wiki Wiki Web is a site anybody can edit, go back and re-edit, and view old revisions of'.

More details answers that delve into the pros, the cons, as well as the social and philosophical aspects of this deceptively simple idea can be found at...


There are many Wiki implementations around, and many webmanagement systems which incorporate ideas and features of a wiki.

Some other wikiclones are:

  • MediaWiki - This wiki uses is. So do some others - Wikipedia for example.
  • UseMod - A Perl wiki
  • MoinMoin - A python wiki
  • phpwiki
  • Twiki

Systems which can include wiki features

  • Brainstorm
  • Zope
  • NEWS (one day ;)

Nemo has this idea for his next generation of website to be a wiki/CMS/gallery all integrated as one. It's called NEWS (in accordance with NINS. Check it out, discuss.

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