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MB-01 (or Moby for short) is a cool IRCbot by Screwtape.

  1. Take a botbase like dagny
  2. Add a Markov Chaining engine like this
  3. Mix together thoroughly with Python magic.. and presto!


I'm very impressed with dagny - it's largely the shell of an IRC bot, with the ability to plug in arbitary event handlers, that trigger then the bot gets a message that matches your specified regexp.

An infobot-style bot is a simple application of a regexp that matches "is" and "are" and whatever comes before and after them.

For the Markov chainer, I store each word along with the people who used it, so you can get an entirely random Markov chain, or a Markov chain that imitates the style of a particular person. It will also generate a chain guaranteed to contain a particular word, if a sentence including that word has been mentioned in the bot's presence.

(I forget why I decided Moby needed a word list, but just in case he ever does, there's always the coincidentally named Moby Word List: http://www.dcs.shef.ac.uk/research/ilash/Moby/ )

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