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An idea for a MediaWiki module which combines aspects of RecentChanges and PopularPages, showing what is popular only within recent timewindows.


Because Special:RecentChanges shows per-change view of recent edit history, and Special:Popularpages shows what has been seen most. Ever. Similarly for Special:Mostrevisions with edits. Timeframe is not restricted.

I want to see which pages have been popular by edits (and views, if possible) - but only within recent timeframe windows (last day, week and month)

That way it can be more easily tracked which pages are being updated on the wiki recently, and be reminded of semi-recent projects which may still require work lest they be forgotten about.


What information to be seen on a Recently Popular page?

  • Page name
  • count of edits within specified timeperiod (by default: order by this field)
    • suboption: ignore minor edits?
  • Date/time of most recent edit (esp relative. ie, '4 hours ago')
  • Age of page (ie, when was it first created?)
  • count of unique contributors within specified time period

Example view for one week

(this example created by hand from the RecentChanges data on 2009Apr07

# edits Page Most recent edit Most recent contributor # contributors Page age
20 SpamHash/NaiveHamTest Apr 7, 09:28 Nemo 1 7 days
12 SpamHash Apr 7, 11:28 Nemo 1 3 weeks
9 Maildir Apr 2, 15:36 Nemo 1 8 days
7 RecentlyPopular Apr 7, 13:46 Nemo 1 1 days
5 Furniture Apr 3, 12:21 Nemo 1 13 months
4 CarMod Apr 3, 10:23 Nemo 1 14 months
2 ThorxWiki Apr 7, 12:37 Nemo 1 16 months
2 NINS Apr 2, 23:46 Nemo 1 5 years
2 CompilationCD Apr 2, 10:05 Nemo 1 5 years
2 User:Nemo/Geekwatch Apr 2, 10:46 Nemo 1 5 days

Note: default order has sub-sorting performed on date of most recent edit. Hidden 'data to sort by' might be useful for sorting on the age of page field.

This table shows the week. A 'per month' page would collate the same information, but then exclude any pages shown already in the week view (10). Thus Chocolate (2 edits) and User:Nemo (4edit) would now make the cut (even though ALL edits on 'Chocolate' were within the week range. Three of the four edits on User:Nemo fell outside the 'week' range), but CompilationCD (5 edits) would be excluded as having been previously seen on the weekly stats.


Recent Projects

Get recent edits in the last day, and give a 'top 10' pages which have been edited (by count of edits). Then repeat with a top 10 for the last week (excluding any pages previously shown in the per-day top 10), and a top 10 for the last month (again, excluding any previously seen).

Recent Popular Pages

Do the same but consider views, not edits. (assuming this data is available for views. Views might be only stored as a simple increment which would make this scheme not viable. I consider the edit view to be more useful anyway. (plus: this data is also available through any decent web stats program)

Additional options

  • Larger wikis (wikipedias) could benefit from 'last 10 minutes' and 'last hour' views as well.
  • A similar top 10 of reverts could help find edit wars. Especially given wikipedia's Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Three-revert rule

More thoughts

  • Some other types of changes are ignored, as they should all be isolated singletons. (should be!)
    • Deletions
    • Move
    • File uploads
    • Bias the "weight" of New pages and minor edits
      • new pages count 2 (ie: one for the "new", one for the content
      • minor edits count as half (or other fraction?) / Multiple sequential minor edits only count as 1. (maybe only sequential minor edits from same contributor!)
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