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Nemo's just zis guy, you know?

About Nemo

Nemo2bw trn.gif

...and he is trying to become more Ambidextrous

Nemo mortalium omnibus horis sapit
Latin for "No mortal is wise at all hours"
  • One day Nemo will die

Earthnative ?


Just one of nemo's nicknames. ...A self-applied title.

Dare ya to prove that it's wrong! :-)

Social Life


Your optimism has the potential to light up dark spaces.

Some things I get up to on a regular basis in the atoms-and-molecules world

  • Annual CandleCathedral - chinese New years (late Jan / early Feb)
  • Annual birthday party - mid-late April
  • Annual NovemberFest - end of November


See information on the Contact details page



This wiki is Nemo's creation, approximately more or less for brainstorming some of his ideas. (apparently this also makes him a WikiFiend)

Note: he should be sorting old pages on this wiki and generally cleaning it up. Perhaps from the most Special:Ancientpages first?

Other notes

Nemo is dementedly enthusiastic and magically geeky...

The bigger NemProjects are listed on the frontpage, while NemProjects held elsewhere and other related otherwhere projects that I watch are listed below...

  • Conjoined WindowManager - my idea for functionality not yet seen in a windowmanager
    • PWM - otherwhere windowmanager project I love
    • ION - otherwhere windowmanager project which should incorporate full PWM functionality RSN
  • Tetris - Where do the blocks go?!
  • PicoGui - otherwhere embedded GUI project
  • Ogg Vorbis - otherwhere music compression project
  • NEWS - Nemo's Enhanced Wiki System
  • CinemaSeatCouch - building, well, a couch out of a set of cinema seats.
  • XDM ThemeStuff - Was: Making the XDM login greeter not suck. Now: Abandoned
  • Random Silliness and writings
    • MovieScenes
    • ChainBook
    • Coins - Looking at Australian and American shrapnel...
    • In 2003 Pixar, with no regard at all to my own sanity and wellbeing, released a new movie - Finding Nemo
    • MovieSongs - songs that should be turned into a movie, or part thereof.

Random links...

Thankyou for your time

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain.
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