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NemWiki ( is my personal wiki. --Nemo.

To explain a little more - ThorxWiki is my wiki for thoughts and creations which I consider to fall into the 'professional' sphere. My rule of thumb is "things I would talk to a prospective employer about to impress them".

NemWiki, otoh, is for personal (not private though, see ThorxWiki:Privacy_policy information and projects.

NemWiki originally ran circa 2001/2002, and then in 2007 its content was used to populate ThorxWiki pages. Since then I have slowly been splitting it's content out between here and the new NemWiki - so this page will thus provide a summary, technically, of NemWiki and work I have done on it.

Code base

NemWiki as of 2009 July, runs on ccTiddly 1.8.5

My thoughts, changes and TODO

  • TODO
    • improve mod_rewrite for non-javascript browsers
    • improve security by disallowing dirlist within most subdirectories. (eg: the 'uploads' directory would be known to all ccTiddly admins, and allows discovery of alternate workspace names
    • see if the SEO plugin can be setup to selectively SEO some content. ie, content tagged SEOallow (or whose tag is tagged SEO allow (follow tag tree all the way back?). Also: SEOdeny tag? How about an SEO admin pane where SEO pages can be also deleted?
    • handle/upload.php - updated to allow png filetype.
    • extensive minor tweaks to layout of theme.
    • EditTemplate updated with new 'editsummary' field. (would be nice to see this in the revisions list though)
  • Security notes
    • defaults have "undefined" = allow?! This = anyone can do anything. :(
    • locking down undefined in the config to 'D'eny seems to do nothing? Direct mysql alteration to force explicit Allow or Deny seems to have fixed.
    • any user can create a workspace? :/
    • any logged in user who can upload files can delete files? (even if they cannot delete tiddles!)
    • The CookieJar plugin allows one to change their user signature, thus appearing to make edits as another user.
    • Making edits minor hides them from ALL timelines?!
  • Other bugs
    • Cannot save changes to ToolbarCommands tiddler?!
      • Bug also posted to trac. - link?
      • note: can create a NEW ToolbarCommands tiddler and overwrite the old...


The following is archival information. It will slowly dissipate, but is a distant origin of the original NemWiki frontpage as of 2001.

This page is being decommissioned as the old NemWiki data is better integrated into the new ThorxWiki. Which is simply to say, as pages get edited and brought up to date, this will be less usefull as a list of up to date links... (and not relevant as an archive either)

This wiki is for Nemo and other WikiFiends

Some of the somewhat esoteric ideas explored here (note that many of the ideas are named in accordance to NINS)

  • NUMB - Nemo's Universal Media Box
    • NAAM - Nemo's Audio Archive Manager
      • Genres - developing a decent Genre categorisation system
      • NUDI - Nemo's Ultimate Disc Identifier
    • CDwiki - a wiki-style alternative to CDDBp and FreeDB
    • RackCabinet - An audio computer geek's dream. An entertainment system cabinet with rackmount ability, for NUMB
    • CD RackShelf - a shelf for holding CD's on the RackCabinet
  • NEWS - Designing a 21st century wiki
  • DreamHouse - the house Nemo would build with unlimited funds...
  • FortuneProtocol - time to network the fortune program folks
  • MB-01 - Moby - a Markov IRC bot
  • A slice of Pie - bad mathgeek joke!

This wiki has not yet been subjected to any WikiHacks

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