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...a notebook embiggened imaginate gland...


A new Flag?
A great game of Lexicon Crossing!
Is this a good rate of spam detection?
PoolTable designs?
Nature rocks, so feel special
playing with fire...
It's like some craxy three sided Pool table!
We can has invisible dinosaurs?
party time?
Burnt out shell of a house
Tetris logging

Welcome to Thorx Wiki. A place for idea mongering and collaborative invention.

This is a Wiki-as-Workshop, intended to grow organically (albiet slowly so far), and randomly. What is it for?

  • A placeholder for random notes.
  • A drafting site for the ThorxBlog
  • Archive ground for writings and ideas

So, please feel free to jump in and create/edit as you see the need. A note though - the aim is that ThorxWiki content will be "professional" in styling. Humour is appreciated and encouraged, but mindless joking is best moved to NemWiki. Speaking of NemWiki, a lot of the content here has been imported from the original NemWiki and still needs moving to the new one, so hit the Random Page link and see if you get something that needs updating. Also, alot of the original NemWiki content was written from Nemo's first-person perspective and uncredited. These should either be refactored to be third person perspective, or credited appropriately.

ThorxWiki is not as policy-driven as Wikipedia, but aims to respect copyright.

Current Headline Pages

Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking.

Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity.

Christopher Morley

Idea stubs

Selected picks of our newpages, brand new to Thorx, and still cooking. Jump in and help them grow!

  • And don't forget that there are often pages created and unlinks... find them on the orphan pages

Best of the rest

  • Mentok - A unique cardgame unlike any other (note: has passing similarity to Go Fish and Blackjack)
  • Taasen - How to play this boardgame online
  • NIPL - A new way of creating playlists
  • NEWS - A new wiki centered around existing revision tools, and utilising a better markup

Older Thorx

Reminder... ThorxWiki is descendant from an earlier 'NemWiki'. Many of the original ideas are still on the NemWiki page, awaiting a revisit, polish, and update to ThorxWiki standards, or moving to the new NemWiki. Please be encouraged to visit the NemWiki page and followup ideas there :)

The trouble with having a fertile mind is that the weeds grow as prolific as the pastures
P.K. Shaw

New Pages

pssst: Check out the list of all pages ever!

Hello, World!

Recent Changes

pssst: RSS and Atom feeds are linked in the toolbox... sometimes. Goto the real Special:RecentChanges page and find the RSS for the whole wiki, or alternatively go to a page's history for a page-specific feed! :)

Inspiration is a good start, but it’s the diligence to make every note and every word perfect, that will really set you apart.
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